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Col. David Wright and Ronald Lee Barnes of Ecology Crossroads in Philadephia, Pennsylvania in 1995 at the Franklin Mills Mall.

Silver Anniversary Development Projects

A Cooperative International Nongovernmental Organization (CiNGO) Ecosystem Development Foundation

Serving the People of Planet Earth since 1994

The Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Inc. was founded in Kentucky in 1994 as a charitable nonprofit non-governmental tax-exempt organization established for the public benefit. Ecology Crossroads has been recognized and remains fully qualified as an organization established for tax-exempt purposes by the Internal Revenue Service under 501(c)(3) and as a public charity under 509(a)(1) since April 12, 1994. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2019!

Ecology Crossroads was established to promote conservation education, environmental protection and ecological ethics. Our organization was best known for having distributed 10 million trees to homeowners all across the United States from 1994-2001.

Today in the United States, Ecology Crossroads is mostly inactive but retains a limited liability office where it collects membership fees for Globcal International and offshore international programs developed under its legal standing.

In 2005 the founder of Ecology Crossroads, Col. David J. Wright reduced the operations of the organization, moving it's focus to biodiversity, ecological integrity, and the natural history of the Amazon, Andes, Mesoamerica, Guiana Highlands (Guayana), and other areas where natural ecosystems protect and nurture Mother Earth from where it all began, at it's heart. With some creative people from around the world beginning in 2009 he established an international association of Goodwill Ambassadors called Globcal International, through an independent effort focused in world diplomacy, the environment, and the conclusions of the Rio 20+ Summit in 2012. Currently he is working on aligning these developments with the Post 2015 Agenda of the United Nations.

Join us now, in our "new world life projects" to protect the planet's ultimate remaining natural ecological resources. Also find out about our development programs. In 2014 we Restated Articles of Incorporation for our 20th Anniversary in Frankfort, Kentucky, most adequate for our new 21st century and 21st anniversary mission.

Current Projects and Activities

Since our deliberate realignment as a decentralized international non-governmental organization and taking on a more global role and implementing social networking, electronic record-keeping, calendars, communications in our agendas the office for Ecology Crossroads is kept only for legal and integral purposes. In Madison county in the Commonwealth of Kentucky we maintain a registrar's office for US mail delivery, banking purposes, and for international electronic record keeping.

We adapted to an independent computer cloud based existence and through projects we assist listed below connected in some unlikely places promoting sustainability, goodwill, and our eco-ideas working behind the scenes.

Ecology Crossroads acts as an incubator, patron foundation, and foster parent of about a dozen cooperative and collective project developments that are based on charitable and benevolent objectives. We act as the cooperative sponsor for a number of different funds and project initiatives through our website:

New Developing Projects

Ecology Crossroads is the official contact and charitable accreditation sponsor of several independent international nonprofit and nongovernmental cooperative project developments that involve international volunteerism and student exchange programs; all Ecology Crossroads programs qualify as exemplary public benefit models based on our purposes, best practices, and ideals rooted in cooperative philosophies. Our Articles of Incorporation on file in Kentucky permit us to found and establish new agendas, organizations, cooperatives, foundations, and companies. Below are some of the organizational developments we are helping to promote and establish.

Globcal International Cooperative Development Commission - Nongovernmental interparliamentary cooperative development association established in fellowship of individual goodwill ambassadors from organizations and projects in all parts of the world. In 2013 we developed an open-source sustainable management and integrity system called introduced to create ecologically sustainable communities and socio-economies in remote areas where none exist, today the open-sourced system has been redeveloped for use in other institutions. (Globcal Website)

Indiegogo Goodwill Ambassadors - Online team of social media goodwill ambassadors using the Globcal " is a crowdfunding 'fun'raising program" being developed through Globcal's Advocates and the Goodwill Ambassadors of the World. The start-up is based on a charity co-op network, the hybrid creates transparency and adds equity ownership to crowdfunding through a special cooperative structure; it fosters cultural trust, brings peace, and completes humanity.

Kentucky Colonels International - Is a free open-source social media online membership organization that keeps up and connects internationally its fellows who have as well received the prestigious distinction of becoming a Kentucky Colonel. Currently they are developing a project to form and unite different chapters to share the Colonel Culture.

Goodwill Ambassadors of the World - Open social media driven magazine, news, and blog feed of people around the world who have been named as a goodwill ambassador in official representation. It is a virtual honorarium of ambassadors from governments, states counties, cities, and international organizations working with Globcal International to develop a user based international social media registry.

Ekōbius International Cooperative (Fundo Ekōbius) - Base location for a self-sustaining ecovillage, ecotourism retreat center, and scientific base camp. Recently set aside two hectares for the establishment of an internationally hosted and sponsored open-community educational center for the greater local indigenous community.

Ecological Sustainability Demonstration Center - Smallest and least advanced project initiative being supported and sponsored by Ecology Crossroads involves the establishment and development of an open-community school which serves the dual community purpose for a model engagement center within our other projects.

Pachamama Criolla - An independent international cooperative under formation that works with compost and demonstrates organic farming principles in Mexico. The project is open to volunteers and overnight visitors that bring a hammock and can exchange labor for lodging.

Belize International - A model multistakeholder cooperative initiative (Belize International Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Ltd) being developed under a charitable international foundation endowment. The organization focuses on bringing international funding to local projects through the tourism industry and providing ecosystem services internationally.

Amish Friends International - An organizational project to unite Amish, Quaker, Hutterite, and Mennnonite philosophy and simple-life choices by developing a new non-fundamentalist charity as a cultural foundation based on international cooperation, culture, and sustainable values with an ecummenical understanding of God and the Bible. The new foundation that shall result from this project will be open on a non-discriminatory basis to the general public that want to follow and adopt traditional customs and values of the cultures. Currently project development plans involve the establishment of an international foundation in Belize near a mixed Old-Order and modern Mennonite community with the adquisition of several hundred acres.

Cultural Medicine Foundation - (International Ethnobotanical Foundation) Our founder has always beheld a great interest in entheogenic plants and ethnobotany and decided that the profits from his coca tea business needed to benefit others, so he established a foundation to promote this work.

The best example today of model sustainability and self-sufficiency in the modern world are the Amish outside of the remote indigenous Amazonians and cultures of the Western Andes. The Amish and Old Order Mennonites have been found around the world and have adapted to dominate the economies of some rural regions in South America, Canada and Africa, and inadvertently open their communities to new followers and intermarriage with local peoples, no matter where they have went they have created sustainable results.  

Learn more about our projects and let's eCooperate!" That's us at the Crossroads!

The eCooperator's present a new dimension in cooperation and international diplomacy.

Collaboration and Membership

Donations, sponsorships, and patronage to the above organizational development initiatives must be sent and registered with the Treasurer of Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation, Richmond, Kentucky in the United States. Please note which objective you are supporting and the treasurer will ensure you contribution is directed accordingly. Mail donations to:

Ecology Crossroads, c/o Treasurer, 302 General Smith Drive, Richmond, Kentucky 40475, United States

To send a contribution online using PayPal please send donations by email to

* Please earmark donations with a note and include your mailing address in the notation.

Creative Solutions to Saving the Wilderness

Together here we really can change the world for everyone. The focus of our latest (new lifetime) project is an area of 650,000 square kilometers called "Guayana," more commonly known as the Guiana highlands and the Northern Amazon. That's an area larger than most countries including Finland and the Ukraine, if it were a separate nation it would be 43rd largest country in the world.

Help us now in new project developments by helping to establish educational centers and ecologically sustainable intentional communities there. If you like you can even live there or visit by becoming a member of the Ekōbius International Cooperative we started in 2013 in Venezuela. Your participation will help protect one of the last five (5) global natural life sources, we guarantee all residents permanent lifetime employment, and guarantee everyone else fresh air and water for years to come. by Google+

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